Developing HR Strategic Plan & Scorecard

Building strategic HR capabilities to transform people, organisations and business management are a great challenge to most high performing organisations. Strategic HR Plan and scorecard helps organizations to align human resources to corporate strategy. It is an essential planning document built upon the corporate mission, vision, values, and goals established in the strategic business plan. It provides information on how the HR function will support the goals and strategies of the organization, while ensuring that HR planning and practices are consistent.

Programe Objectives

After attending this programme, the participants will be able to:

  • Explain the relationship between strategic HRM and HR Planning
  • Appreciate the importance of HR Planning
  • Identify the key environmental influences on HR Planning
  • Understand the basic approaches to HR Planning
  • Describe ways of forecasting HR requirements
  • Understand the requirements for effective HR Planning


  1. Overview of HR Management
  2. Introduction to HR Planning
  3. Systematic HR Planning
  4. Addressing HR Gaps
  5. Measuring the effectiveness of HR Planning
  6. Common Pitfalls in HR Planning


  • Group Discussion
  • Group Work
  • Role Play
  • Pre-Test
  • Post-Test


24-25 October 2023


Tamu Hotel and Suites, KL

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