Professional Functions & Events Management


The Need for Professional Management of Events and Functions


Planning the Right Event for the Right People

  • Success factors in event management
  • Setting appropriate objectives
  • Determining the target audience
  • Deciding on content and event schedules

Organising the Organisers

  • The organising team set-up
  • Determining personnel requirement
  • Work planning and monitoring

Pre-event Promotion and Publicity

  • Event branding and positioning
  • Dealing with the media
  • Event marketing strategy

Logistical Preparations

  • Choosing suitable venue
  • The hall and stage arrangement
  • Audio visual system and equipment
  • Display/exhibition facilities
  • Decorations and direction signage
  • Food and refreshments
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Preparing the programme materials

Managing Reception and Hospitality

  • Reception counter and registration system
  • Handling VIPs and protocol

On-site Communication

  • Components of a communication system
  • Role of the master of ceremony
  • Communication Centre

Financial and Security Aspects

  • Budgeting and financial control
  • Security and crowd control
  • Traffic management


Highly experiential and practical programme with workshops, case studies and exercises.

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