Irshad HR Consulting

Celebrating 22 years of experience

Core Values

As a member of PROFESS Consulting Group, IRSHAD Values as follows:

core value


  • Stewardship
    Knowledge Professionals, Authority in Our Fields & Integrity and Sincerity.
  • Synergy
    Synergy of Expertise, Lasting Relationship, Added-Value Teamwork.
  • Customer Focus
    Understand Customer Needs & Respond, Professional Delivery of Obligations, Relation Beyond professional Obligation.
  • Innovative
    Ahead of Market Trends, Relentless Improvements & Commitment for Innovation.
  • God Conscious
    Faith Driven, Greater Purpose & Obligatory and Social Responsibility.

We strive to become our clients' World Class HR Consulting Partner by Leveraging on People, Technology and Best Practices.

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