PSMB 2011 Conference & Exhibitions

The Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre was the venue for the host,  Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), to stage the  2011 Conference & Exhibitions,  held on 12 and 13 September 2011. This year’s theme, “NEW HUMAN CAPITAL : WHAT’S BEYOND”, was well participated  by local as well as international  agencies, one of which was Irshad HR Consulting.

Irshad HR Consulting had put up a Platinum-level booth, akin to a premier booth,   during the conference,  to showcase  its range of Consulting and Training Services. During this time, staff members from Irshad had the chance to meet with people from many industries and speak to them of Irshad, presenting our products and services which  aim to  make our clients successful in every facet of their  operation.  Apart from this, we were also honored to be given the opportunity  by the organizing agent  for our Chief Operating Officer, Tuan Haji Ahmad Raji Yaakub,  to deliver a 30-minute talk. His chosen topic was “Integrated Leadership Development: Beyond Training”. This was a first for Irshad and we take great pride that our COO had stood alongside world class presenters and delivered his speech so eloquently, grabbing the attention of all in attendance.

Such events are meant to provide  companies like Irshad HR Consulting the opportunities to introduce and highlight our expertise in helping other orgaisations  achieve their objectives. It augurs well, therefore, for Irshad not to let the opportunity of taking part in PSMB’s efforts slip past us.

We look forward to future events like this one in making Irshad a household name in this industry!

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