We want to alert everyone about fraudulent activities involving IRSHAD HR Consulting Sdn Bhd (IRSHAD) and K-Youth Development Programme 2023 (KYDP2023). Some individuals and groups may falsely using IRSHAD’s name and posing as our employees/ our official recruitment party which is Agensi Pekerjaan Slensa Sdn Bhd (SLENSA) on social media and messaging apps. They are spreading false information and pretending to recruit for KYDP2023, which is under Khazanah Nasional Berhad initiative. These are scams aimed at stealing personal data, money, and sensitive information from the public.

Here’s what you need to know to stay safe:

  1. Official Application Source: IRSHAD only accepts KYDP2023 applications through Agensi Pekerjaan Slensa Sdn Bhd (SLENSA), the official recruitment party. The genuine application link is https://irshad.com.my/kydp2023/ and we are only accepting application via slensa@slensa.com.my.
  2. No Social Media Applications: IRSHAD does not accept applications via social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. Be cautious of any recruitment claims made through these platforms. Kindly refer our official recruitment poster at https://irshad.com.my/kydp2023/.
  3. Our Exclusive Recruitment Agent: Applications are only valid through Agensi Pekerjaan Slensa Sdn Bhd (SLENSA). Do not submit applications through any other agents, recruiters, or individuals.
  4. Legitimate Communication Channels: SLENSA communicate with applicants through WhatsApp only and email using the domain “@slensa.com.my”.
  5. Website and Email Authenticity: IRSHAD’s official website uses the format https://irshad.com.my. Legitimate emails from IRSHAD will end with “@irshad.com.my”.
  6. Authorized Phone Numbers: IRSHAD and SLENSA’s official phone numbers are listed on https://irshad.com.my/kydp2023/. Be wary of WhatsApp or Telegram messages from other sources.
  7. No Payments: IRSHAD will never ask for money or payments during the KYDP2023 application process.

If you receive suspicious messages matching the description above, exercise extreme caution. Forward the suspicious messages to e-mail@irshad.com.my for investigation.

To learn more about recognizing and combatting online scams, visit the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission website at https://www.mcmc.gov.my/.

Please note that IRSHAD is not responsible for information from unauthorized sources and will not be liable for any losses resulting from reliance on such information.

Stay safe and informed!

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