Digital Academy

Percipio is an E-Learning Platform powered by Skillsoft. This platform are develop to help us organize every digital learning possibilities of our business with helpful libraries and active support team. From managing user roles to creating and developing our own curated learning channels and journeys.

Comprehensive Insights

Analytical tools for gaining deeper insights into learner behavior and performance.

Enhanced Platform Accessibility

Broadened compatibility and availability for both iOS and Android platforms.

Stay Informed with New Topic Alerts

Receive alerts on new and highlighted subjects.


We offer a comprehensive suite of applications designed to meet the diverse needs of today’s organizations, ensuring all employees receive the necessary support.

Curated Catalog

Realistic examples enhance understanding and task demonstration, while clear and concise narration reinforces key concepts

Engaging and Relevant

Percipio is the learning platform of choice for many customers, offering the flexibility to add custom content to enrich learning programs and provide seamless access to key resources.

Custom Content

By providing captions, audio descriptions, and transcripts, we ensure that our content is accessible to all learners, making it inclusive and available to everyone.


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