Digital HR Tools

Digital HR Tools

Digital Transformation is one thing that most of  the organizations today are either undergoing or have planned to embrace in the near future. HR certainly has a very crucial role to play here. Aligning employees to organization goals and keep them engaged and productive is important.

Market Survey

We are delighted to invite you to be part of  our survey on Digital HR Tools. This survey aims to identify the digital HR solutions that your organisation is interested or planning to acquire to enhance your HR or Talent Management process in 2019. Appreciate your participations on the survey and answer all of the questions. Your responses are confidential and mainly for the above-said mentioned purpose only.


Kindly use below link to participate in our Digital HR Market Survey

Digital HR Market Survey

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“Program ini membuatkan saya bersemangat untuk menjadi setiausaha yang lebih komited, berketrampilan dan berfikiran positif”

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