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Our solution-oriented HR Consulting services encompasses human resource strategic planning, human capital capacity assessment, competency development, performance management, corporate culture building, talent management and succession planning, people assessment and profiling, human resource technology and tools, training and development.

Scope of Services

AC Design and Implementation

  • Design and development of customised Assessment Tools, Manuals and Procedures. Training of Assessment Centre Assessors and Administrators. Competency based Interview Training and full implementation of Competency Based Assessment Centre.

Psychometric Assessment

  • Profile-XT (PXT): PXT is a profiling tool that measures how well an individual fits specific jobs in your organization. The “Job Matching” feature of the PXT is unique, and it enables you to evaluate an individual relative to the qualities required to be motivated and successfully perform in a specific job.
  • Profiles Performance Indicators (PPI): PPI is a performance-based assessment that provides you with valuable insight into how an individual can be motivated and managed to operate at peak performance.
  • Customer Service Profile (CSP): CSP measures how well a person fits specific customer service jobs in your organisation. It is used primarily for selecting, on-boarding and managing customer service employees.
  • TAJMA Personality Plus (TPP+): TPP+ is a psychological tool specifically designed to measure an individual’s or groups’ personality traits. It also measures degree of Integrity and Psychological State.

Management and Technical Skills Assessment (On-site & On-line)

  • We provide ready-made Competency or Skill Test (on-site or on-line) to measure the skills and capabilities of current employees or potential candidates for recruitment in areas such as Leadership, Management, Business, Finance, ICT, Engineering, and Banking.

Training Needs Analysis

  • Ensure that training is relevant to the needs of staff, job and organisation by prioritising training based on the staff competency gap.

Digital Academy or Digital Library Setup

  • More 5000 ready-content (e-learning courses) in the areas of Marketing, Sales, Management, Leadership, Human Resources, IT Digital Skills, Data Sciences, Project and Operation Management, Office Productivity, Personal Development,  etc.

Learning Roadmap Development

  • Provides step-by-step learning intervention for the staff in the organisation.

Competency Modelling

  • Provides consistent framework for competency based Human Resource Development. Design and develop Competency Framework, Competency Proficiency Levels and Competency Dictionary.

Customised Module Development (on-site & e-learning)

  • Create a customised and well-structured training module relevant to the competency needed by your staff and organisation.

Learning Management System (LMS) Implementation

  • Allows managers and employees to easily request, enrol, manage learning programmes and monitor other training tracking requirements.

Succession Planning Framework Development

  • Design structured Succession Planning Framework and Process to identify critical positions and potential employee for succession planning programme and also to identify the development needs of the high potential employee.

Performance Management System

  • Assist the company in review, develop and implementing systematic and effective Performance Management System of the company align with the company objective, vision and mission.

Employee Handbook Review and Development

  • To conduct a comprehensive and detailed review of the Handbook and ensure it complies with human resource best practices and legal.

Job Analysis and Job Description

  • To design more comprehensive and clear Job Description for effective and efficient recruitment, performance management, promotion and training management in line with the organisational and job requirements.

Human Resource Strategic Planning

  • Design, develop and implement a Strategic Organisational Plan and Human Resources Management (HRM) Transformation programme for organisational excellence.

Organisation Chart Review

  • To review and propose effective and efficient organisational structure based on the organisational mission, vision, strategic plan, or operating model.

Manpower Planning and Audit

  • Determine the required number of manpower for effective and efficient implementation of the current and future workload and operation in line with the organisational strategy and business plan.
  • Identify and analyse the gap between the current and required number of manpower to determine a possible intervention for optimum level.

Salary Review

  • Assist in realign the organisation’s Salary Scheme and Salary Structure to achieve internal equity and maintain external competitiveness with the market. Recommends any improvements to its existing job and salary grades structure to remain competitive with the market.

Benefit Review

  • Assist in realign the organisation’s Benefits to achieve internal equity and maintain external competitiveness with the market. Recommends any improvements to its existing benefits scheme and Terms and Conditions of Employment in accordance to the law and to remain competitive with the market.

Job Evaluation and Job Grading

  • To conduct a comparative analysis of the existing Job Grading Structure, to determine the job worth of the positions to be covered using a logically defensible Job Evaluation Method and also to determine the relative positioning of the evaluated jobs.

Human Resource Advisory Services

  • To provide valuable advices or insights to the Management of the Organisation to resolve any HR issues or Strategic matters.

Human Resource Audit

  • To conduct a comprehensive study, review and analysis of the current Human Resource Management practices, effectiveness and efficiency and propose area for improvements to enhance its human resource management strategies and practices in line with the organisational needs and requirements.
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