Tea-Talk Session at Putrajaya

Irshad HR Consulting Sdn Bhd held a Tea-Talk Session at the Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort, Putrajaya. With the theme of “Maximising Impact on Human Capital Investment for Public Sector”. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MCMC Consulting Group, Haji Mohd Adam Mohd Said presented his views on the theme followed by a lively discussion. The event ended with a high-tea.

The primary objective of holding this event was to share our knowledge and experience, to solicit feedback and to initiate a structured forum on such an important subject in the human resource scenario.

Among the points that Haji Mohd Adam had delivered during the session are:-

  • Key drivers for Human Capital Investment for Public Sector
  • Methodology for measuring the effectiveness of Human Capital Development (HCD) in Public Sector
  • Outline strategies to maximize impact of investment in HCD for Public Sector

There are 29 all together who had participated in the Tea-Talk session and they were left satisfied with the issue and topics covered by Haji Mohd Adam Mohd Said.

Tea-Talk Session In Putrajaya

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