Company Journey

Major Milestones

We started as Irshad Institute on 23rd August 1988 as we serve the society by organizing seminars and public programmes in the area of Islamic management, family development and other major management courses. Irshad Institute was set up by Hj Mohd Adam bin Mohd Said and Hj Saari bin Sungib.


In 1989, with our passion to contribute to the community, we added our focus on corporate and in-house training by designing and implementing customised training to our clients according to their specific needs.

1988 – 1990

In 1990, We were approached by Civil Service Institute of Brunei to conduct training program, and it has marked our first step towards becoming a global organization. To date, Brunei government has been one of our loyal international clients and our partner for more than 27 years.


We have evolved from the role of training provider to becoming a consultancy firm which we have rebranded our organization to Irshad Consulting Sdn Bhd (ICSB). From now on, we are not merely a training provider, but we also assist and give consultation to our clients in the area of human resource, strategic management, and training.


We have been invited to join as one of the consortium members of MRCB Multimedia Consortium Sdn Bhd (MMCSB) to bid for a massive electronic government EG-HRMIS project under Malaysia government. Fortunately, MMCSB has been awarded for the project to design, develop and implement a competency-based human resource management information system (HRMIS) for the Malaysian Civil Service. As a management and HR consultancy firm, IRSHAD has been assigned to take the lead on developing the new HR Strategy, reengineering the overall HRM process, managing change and training for successful implementation of EG-HRMIS project. In 2005, with our capability and dedication that we displayed, we have been invited to take over the management of MMCSB and later acquire the majority shareholder of the company from MRCB.

1990 - 2000

In 2003, Irshad was registered as a registered Training Provider with Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) under the Human Resource Ministry.


In order to be more focused and provide better to our clients, we established two new subsidiaries, Irshad HR Consulting Sdn Bhd (IHRCSB) that focuses more on human resource consulting and soft-skill training, and Sageconsulting Sdn Bhd (SSB) that focuses more on strategic management consulting.


2006, Irshad has been assigned by a major GLC in Malaysia to design, develop and implement graduate employability enhancement programme based on the Train-and-Place concept. With more than 90% employability success rate, Irshad has been given the opportunity to lead the implementation of a nation-wide programme called “Graduate Management Schemes – GEMS” which finally involved more than 7,000 unemployed graduates.

2000 – 2010

A new entity called Profess Consulting Group Sdn Bhd ( has been established to consolidate all consulting companies under the group, , including Irshad HR Consulting, as one umbrella. Currently Profess Consulting Group has five (5) consulting firms that specialised in the areas of human resource management, strategic management, information technology, technical consulting, and recruitment centre.

2011 – Today

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