Graduate Employability Programme (GEP)

Irshad HR Consulting has developed a holistic graduate employability enhancement approach and methodology called Integrated Methodology & Approach for Graduate Employability Programme (IMAGE) which includes Programme Design, Programme Management, Training Delivery and Placement Services.

In the highly competitive job market, it requires more than a scroll to secure employment. Therefore, Irshad HR Consulting is committed to enhance the employability capacity of Malaysian graduates by preparing them with holistic skills, knowledge and attributes in entering the career life.

With more than 13 years experiences and full-time resources dedicated in implementing graduate employability programmes, we have trained and assisted more than 13,000 unemployed graduates to improve their employability attributes thus securing their employment throughout the country through various GE initiatives.


Supervisory Management Development Programme (SMDP) for 250 diploma holders from East Coast


Graduate Employability Management Scheme (GEMS) for 10,767 participants at 8 site concurrently

2009 – 2014

Graduate Employability Enhancement (GREEN) Programme / SL1M GREEN for a leading GLIC towards 2,495 participants

2006 – 2008, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Programme on Graduate Employability Enhancement for Smart Selangor (PROGRESS) for 700 participants ‘Anak Selangor’

2016, 2017, 2018

SL1M Programme for several companies



There is no upcoming specific programme, however, interested graduate may apply through our general application form to be a part of our talent pool. We will contact you once the programme is confirmed.

There is no upcoming specific programme, however, interested company may register as our host company. We will contact you once the programme is confirmed.

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